Timber Deck Maintenance & Coatings

With such a large range of sealers, stains, oils and coatings on the market – how do you know which is the right one for you project?

Decking 4 Perth will help you get the most out of your timber! Our tradesmen are experts on how to best protect your deck for the harsh conditions of our Perth summers.

The correct application of the right coating will add years of life to your new decking or cladding job.

With a great maintenance plan for your deck, you will save money in replacement of damaged boards.

One of our friendly team will provide you with the best information to help you choose the right coating for your project.

There are two basic types of wood finishes;

  • Penetrating Oil-based finishes which penetrate the woods surface and do not form a hard film.
  • Film finishes which create a coating on the surface of the wood and can be built up into layers like a varnish or lacquer.

Our preferred coating products include;

Sikkens Timber Coating


Sikkens is manufactured by AzkoNobel—an international producer of paint products.

Developed in response to high demand for a transparent and quality coating system to protect wood products while still allowing their natural beauty to be seen.

The result is a coating that meets the needs of manufacturers, architects, builders and tradespeople.

Intergrain Timber Coating


Intergrain products have been designed to protect the natural beauty of timber. They are recognized in Australia as being a quality product and to be an environmentally responsible timber finish.

Water based timber finishes have a very low solvent level. Using water based timber finishes is a far more environmentally responsible option than using a solvent-based equivalent.

Combined with being healthier to use, Intergrain water based timber finishes are much gentler on the environment.

Intergrain continually develop coatings that redefine performance expectations. All products are tested on timber species used in Australia at three registered testing sites across the country.

Cutek Timber Coating


An oil-based wood protection system that penetrates deeply into the timber where it works to control moisture from within.

Cutek oils do not peel off or crack, and impart exceptional dimensional stability to the timber. Cutek enhances the natural beauty of timber without obscuring the grain while being safe and easy to apply.

  • Can be used on any species of timber
  • A clear coating can allows the timber to grey off but remain nourished and stable
  • Provides a very natural look and won’t hide the timber grain
  • Range of colour tones to suit most design requirements



Elements Protector Oil is a plant based product that penetrates timber deep. It will nourish and protect external timbers.

It contains plant and essential oils, that are impregnated with refined caunuba waxes and earth oxides. Also contains a zinc UV protector for more fade resistance.