Merbau Timber Decking

Decking 4 Perth supplies high quality Merbau Timber Decking in Perth, WA.

Merbau is an imported hardwood timber from south east Asia. It is primarily valued for its high durability and strength qualities.

Due to these properties, Merbau has been many customers first choice when selecting their decking boards. It is great in all exposed weather and is an extremely stable timber choice.

When installed correctly using decking screws it will not twist or warp like some other softer timbers.

Merbau Colour & Grain

Consisting of a pale to dark reddish brown often showing a tinge of orange. The timber colour is exceptional when a clear oil or stain is applied to allow its natural beauty to come out.

Depending on the stocks available, the grain can be variable and interlocked which produces a radial surface, or it can be mostly straight which allows for it’s reliability when laid.

The texture is evenly coarse and sharp tools should be used to achieve a smooth, even finish.

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Features & Benefits of Merbau

  • Very durable, hard and dense timber
  • Bushfire resistant timber
  • Suitable for use in exposed situations
  • Dimensionally a very stable timber
  • Resistant to splintering
  • Highly resistant to termites
  • Good colour restoration after oiling

Alternatives (by colour) & Work-ability

Jarrah and Spotted Gum are similar alternatives for Merbau. This timber is usually in good supply and stocks which avoids the need to try and match it with alternatives.

Merbau is certainly a favourite of Decking 4 Perth. It takes extremely well to all stains, oils and even paint. The one thing that needs astute attention when using this timber is the gum bleed.

This timber will bleed once laid for a few weeks until dried thoroughly. Care must be taken to avoid drips on paving, concrete or any hard surface as the bleeding is very difficult to remove.

Also avoid installing during rain periods as it can splash up against walls and rendered surfaces.

It is relatively easy to work with when using sharp tools. Merbau tends to split around end boards and it is highly recommended to pre-drill and countersink all holes prior to screwing.


  • Termite Resistance – Resistant
  • Lyctid Susceptibility – Susceptible Sapwood
  • Bushfire – BAL 12.5, 19, 29 – All AS3959 required applications
  • Fire Properties Group – 3 – Slightly combustible

Stock Sizing

  • 90×19 Dressed
  • 140×22 Dressed
  • Solid length range 0.9m to 5.7m

Laminated length range  to 7.8m


Merbau Timber Decking

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