Jarrah Timber Decking

Decking 4 Perth supply high quality Jarrah Timber Decking to all suburbs in Perth, WA.

Jarrah is a traditional West Australian hardwood. It offers great durability and an attractive finish when oiled.

A truly reliable timber that will last year after year when it’s oiled and maintained properly. The natural dark red colour tones are very distinctive to Western Australia and resemble a very distinctive quality.

Jarrah Colour & Grain

This timber consists of a pale pink, to reddish dark brown colour. The colour tone is very distinctive to WA and has been a quality timber used for a long period of time.

It is commonly used in all types of furniture, general construction as well as decking projects.

The timber is moderately coarse with an even textured grain. Occasionally there is a wavy grain which is sought after. When oiled or stained it reveals it’s natural beauty.

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Features & Benefits

  • Very attractive timber for furniture making
  • Only grows in Western Australia
  • Hard and relatively heavy timber
  • Durable timber
  • Internal or external use
  • Readily accepts stains, washes, polish and coatings
  • Generally straight grained in appearance

Alternatives (similar colour) & Work-ability

Jarrah is readily available and usually in good stocks, however if you wanted a reliable alternative timber we suggest using Merbau or Spotted Gum, mainly due to their similarities in grain and durability.

Jarrah colour is not as dark as royal red, however with a pigmented stain this colour can still be achieved.

Jarrah is relatively easy to work with. It is a very durable and hard timber that will require tools with sharp blades to ensure a smooth finish.

It is recommended to pre-drill and countersink the holes when using decking screws as the timber is very dense and prone to splitting especially at end boards.


  • Termite Resistance – Resistant
  • Lyctid Susceptibility – Susceptible
  • Marine Borer Resistance – Moderate 21-40 years
  • Bushfire – Bal 12.5 and 19, AS3959 required applications
  • Fire Properties Group – 3 – Slightly Combustible


  • Sawn thickness 25, 38, 50mm
  • Sawn width from 50mm to 200mm (25mm increments)
  • Random length range 0.9m to 5.4m, set length on request, (subject to availability)
  • Engineered products (finger jointed, laminated) available in various sizes
  • Generally seasoned (kiln dried), also available unseasoned in larger section sizes

Jarrah Timber Decking

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