Fiji Mahogany Timber Decking

Decking 4 Perth supplies high quality Fiji Mahogany timber in Perth, WA.

Fiji Mahogany is plantation grown timber, giving it great environmental qualities by providing a high sustainability with minimal environmental impact.

This timber is susceptible to Lyctus Borer which is why it is best to have H3 treatment applied at all times. This will be absorbed into the sap of the timber preventing the effects of Lyctus Borer.

If you are looking for a timber that looks great as it weathers without the need for oiling or staining, then this is your best option as it looks fantastic when greyed off.

This timber is always in high demand. Check first with us to see if it is available in stock.

Fiji Mahogany Colours & Grain

Consisting of an orange to reddish brown colour tone, this is a great option for a traditional decking effect. With a fine texture and a wood grain that is varied and can be interlocked or wavy.

Staining and oiling really bring out the beauty of the grains.

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Features & Benefits

  • Plantation grown
  • Moderately light hardwood
  • Suitable in exposed situations when properly maintained
  • Moderately durable, sapwood is H3 MicroPro treated

Alternatives (by colour) & Work-ability

As stocks are constantly in high demand, Fiji Mahogany may not always be available or in stock. If this is the case then a great alternative to this timber will be Jarrah for its workability properties and Merbau for it colour tones. Work-ability is very good for this decking timber as it nails, screws and glues very well. A nice finish can be applied using sharp tools and machinery.


  • Termite Resistance – Resistant
  • Bushfire – Not Rated unless treated with suitable fire retardant system
  • Fire Properties Group – 3 – Slightly combustible
  • Lyctid Susceptibility – Resistant due to H3 Treatment

Stock Sizing

  • Sawn thickness 25, 38, 50, 75 & 100mm
  • Sawn width from 50mm to 300mm (25mm increments)
  • Length range 0.9m to 5.7m

Fiji Mahogany Timber Decking

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