Timber & Composite Decking Hardware

For all of our Decking and Timber projects, we source nosubhealth.com only the best and most reliable Hardware on the market.

Through years of experience we can offer the best advice on a range nosubhealth.com of all decking hardware products.

Our friendly nosubhealth.com and knowledgeable tradesmen will be able to give you nosubhealth.com information on the correct products for any application.

Our preferred hardware selections nosubhealth.com that are commonly used and recommend in all of our projects are as follows;


  • Cup head bolt, nuts & washers 10x75mm up to 10x140mm
  • Galv nylon frame anchors 10x80mm, 10x100mm, 10x140mm
  • Galv screw bolts 10x125mm.


  • Decking screws Pinecoat 9gx53mm
  • Deck screw stainless 9gx53mm
  • Decking screw stainless 10gx50mm
  • Deck screw stainless 10gx65mm


  • Half stirrups to suit up to 100mm timber posts
  • Full stirrups to suit 90mm and 120mm timber posts
  • Timber decking stirrup to suit 90x45mm bearer
  • Timber decking stirrup to suit 90x45mm bearer
  • Blade stirrups.
  • Pin stirrups


  • Kwikset concrete 20kg
  • General-purpose concrete 30kg.

Grips, Straps and Brackets

  • Joist hangers 90x35mm, 90x45mm, 120x35mm, 120x45mm
  • Joist strap
  • Triple grips
  • Multi grips
  • Mini grips
  • Rafter straps 375mm, 600mm
  • Fascia support brackets 650mm.
  • Bugle batten screw class 4 galv 14gx75, 100mm, 125mm.
  • Galv and punched hoop iron 25mmx0.8mmx30m
  • Galv clouts 30mmx2.8mm


roll-on-deck-oil-applicator      sikkens-decking-oil      intergrain-decking-oil      trex-composite-fixings      cleaning-deck-applicator


Adhesives & sealants

  • Fuller adhesives and sealants.

The correct hardware and finishing products can make the difference between a mediocre deck to a magnificent decking project.

Ensure that you have the correct hardware to ensure the longevity of your deck nosubhealth.com and enhance the aesthetics.

Decking 4 Perth has all the timber supplies required nosubhealth.com to build the best deck possible!

So whether nosubhealth.com you’re building timber decking, timber nosubhealth.com cladding or timber beams, we have all the answers.