Blackbutt Timber

Decking 4 Perth supplies high quality Blackbutt timber decking in Perth, WA.

Blackbutt is an Eastern States hardwood otherwise known as Eucalyptus pilularis which is highly prized for its durability strength and attractive pale brown to golden yellow colours.

This beautiful timber provides an individual appearance much different to most other deck species. The colour and tone can be made darker with the use of a quality Decking Oil to bring out it beautiful grains and knots.

Blackbutt Colour & Grain

Consisting of an attractive pale brown to golden yellow appearance, this timber is a great inclusion for any decking project.

The grain has an even texture with an interlocked grain but it is generally striaght providing an aesthetically pleasing finish. It is both sought after for interior and exterior uses.

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Features & Benefits of Blackbutt

  • Hard, heavy and naturally durable timber
  • Veneers readily available
  • Machines well
  • Internal or external use

Alternatives (similar colour) & Workability

The closest alternatives to Blackbutt would be Victorian Ash and Spotted Gum. Batu can also serve as a suitable substitute for outdoor uses.

As Blackbutt is prone to surface cracking and checking, it is hard to get long lengths as boards need to be cut which means more joins in the overall deck.

Staining or oiling is the preferred option for this timber as painting can cause issues as it tends to weather or dry out quicker exposing cracks.


  • Termite Resistance – Resistant
  • Lyctid Susceptibility – Sapwood not susceptible
  • Marine Borer Resistance – 21-40 years
  • Fire Properties Group – 3 – Slightly combustible
  • Bushfire – All AS3959 required applications

Stock Sizing

  • Sawn thickness 25, 38 & 50mm
  • Generally available in width 75mm to 300mm
  • Length range 0.9m to 5.7m

Blackbutt Timber Decking

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