Batu Timber Decking

Decking 4 Perth supplies high quality Batu timber decking in Perth, WA.

Batu is a proven performer, attractive, durable and very affordable. Being smooth faced on both sides, it is ideal for using with your Timber Screening in and around your decking area.

The main attraction of this timber is it’s light marbled finish. Although it only comes in the 90mm wide boards, when constructed well it is a beautiful spectacle and warm under foot.

Batu Colour & Grain

Consisting of a very delicate light to reddish brown colour, it matches in well with all types of outdoor furniture. There is a fine texture to the timber with a marbled grain and often visible are growth rings.

This makes for a very attractive decking when finished with a clear oil or stain.

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Features & Benefits of Batu

  • It is a light weight yet naturally durable timber board
  • Perfect for both internal or external uses
  • Takes stains / oils well
  • Marbled grain
  • Galvanised or stainless steel fixings required
  • Commonly used for Decking and Screens

Alternatives (similar colour) & Workability

Grown in Indonesia where there are good stocks and is readily available. When trying to achieve a similar look but require an alternative timber, the first choices would be Spotted Gum, Victorian Ash or Western Red Cedar if available.

Batu has a good workability. It is a soft timber, yet still very durable. Batu cuts, machines and glues well and can be painted, stained or oiled evenly.

Hot-dipped galvanised nails and screws should be used at all times as this timber is corrosive to iron when damp.


  • Termite Resistance – Resistant
  • Lyctid Susceptibility – Sapwood not susceptible
  • Marine Borer Resistance – N/A
  • Fire Properties Group – 3 Slightly combustible
  • Bushfire – Not rated unless treated with suitable fire retardant system

Stock Sizing

  • Sawn thickness – 19mm
  • Width – 90mm

Batu Timber Decking

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