Trex Decking Screws

40% Stronger Than Traditional Stainless Steel Screws


Universal Hidden Fastener / Screws

Designed specifically to meet both consumer & contractor demand for increased ease and speed of installation, the Universal Hidden Decking Screws are approximately 40 per cent stronger than stainless steel decking screws.

The Hidden Screw System features a stainless steel screw set in the concealed clip for increased durability and easier installation.

This method offers a neat & clean finish. Users also benefit from the affordability of the Universal Hidden Fastener, as it boasts the lowest installed cost in the marketplace.


This self-setting hardware is the main fastener that attaches two boards together. Its features are a stainless steel deck screw set in the fastener for increased durability and easy installation.

Available in versions for Trex Elevations® steel framing or for wood framing.

  • 1 box covers (4.6 m2)
  • 1 bucket covers (46.5 m2)

The Start Clip & Connector Clip

Black, Stainless Steel Screws designed exclusively for Trex Composite Decking and used to install the perimeter deck boards.

start-clip-install-decking     start-clip-screws     connector-clip-screws


Connector Clip

  • 5sqm box stainless steel slip and screw for timber
  • 50sqm bucket stainless steel clip and screw for timber
  • 50sqm bucket stainless steel slip, collated pneumatic screws for timber

Start Clip

  • 40sqm bag stainless steel clip and screw for timber




Starborn’s Cap-Tor / Cap-Tor xd screws are designed to reach highest possible Australian standards for performance, ease of use and value.


Headcote Cap-Tor / Cap-Tor xd screws available in Grade 305 stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance. Locations close to the coast or the water, Grade 316 stainless steel will provide even greater corrosion resistance.


Suitable for use with ACQ treated lumber.

Installation Instructions

All the installation instruction can be found at Trex Installation Instructions.